Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Google OS - What's To Come? Goose?

Google have announced that they plan to start building an Operating System. This should be fairly exciting for anyone who mildly doesn't like Windows and is free to start using another system. Also, exciting for anyone who isn't, but also believes that the new GOS (Can we start calling it 'Goose' yet? Too soon?) will be compatible enough to allow easy migration. As a .NET developer myself, I'm doubtful. The only reason that I stayed with Windows Mobile on the smartphone was simply because I could write my own apps for it. Now I've not done that in a dog's age, I'm switching to iPhone ASAP! Android, I'm afraid, hasn't had a look-in. Sorry, it just looks too flimsy.

I guess the other question is that, what with a bunch of things that require Windows to be able to be installed, will all downloadable apps from Google be GOS-compatible right out of the barn?

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