Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make Sure Your IIS Uses The Correct .NET Version - Unrecognized attribute 'type'

Recently, I created a new .NET 3.5 web site in VS2008 and started getting this error:
  • Parser Error Message: Unrecognized attribute 'type'.
This page helped me here:
Essentially, the problem is that IIS must be configured to use the correct version of .NET to run the site. Therefore, I opened the IIS panel "properties" for my site, clicked the ASP.NET tab and switched the version from .NET 1 to 2 and everything was fine.

Point IIS to .NET 2 even for .NET 3.5 web apps.

So, yes, the issue was I was using the wrong version of .NET to run my website. D'oh!

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  1. IIS "helpfully" defaults to the lowest .NET version when you create a new site. I used to spend hours on this error until finding the cause.

    A way of being able to set the default .NET version in IIS would be helpful. Any ideas on how to do this?