Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Debugging Tools And Fun, Erm...

Some useful links if you're trying to find web dev debug tools:
Of course, deploying your DLLs in debug mode can help your logging, but release mode is going to provide at least 4x performance improvements. If you attach a profiler for checking memory usage or performance, you can leave your .pdb files up to get more information as these contain the .NET symbols used for inspecting the code. Please don't leave them there, as they are a serious security consideration - in short, if a hacker were to copy your pdb files from your server they've effectively stolen everything but the source code:
Here's some profilers that don't involve installing Visual Studio on a live server (always a bad idea):
There are, of course, sites out there for providing information about your site:
Of course, if you're intent on debugging in Firefox (, of course) you should have:
Some tools for developing your code (essentially, my favourites, as there are tonnes, Microsoft's list notwithstanding (
And a list of developer must-have's:

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