Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corona Roadmap Poll

  • In-App Purchase support for Android
  • Improvements to Physics API (friendlier collisions, etc.)
  • Improved transitions: pause/resume methods
  • Improvements to Sprite API
  • MapView support (Android)
  • Improved WebPopup behavior
  • OAuth support
  • Exposed table of active timers
  • Integrated advertising
  • System capabilities API
  • Payment integration Android (Paypal,etc)
  • Analytics
  • Split Features. Don't wait to have feature parity on both Android/iOS. We can live with wichever is
  • Add "2.5d" image transforms
  • Improvements to image saving API
  • Physics: simplified collision detection for "non-physical" cases
  • Improvements to Corona debugger
  • Support for compressed textures
  • Improved line drawing API
  • Support for Android softkeys
  • OpenGL shader support
  • iTunes library support
  • On-device debugging
  • Misc. improvements to core API usability
  • Page Flip
  • Improved Text Fields
  • New Corona UI Features
  • Curve Fitting
  • Object Fill
  • Bezier Manupulation
  • Procedural Graphics
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Reconstruction of Arbitrary Topology using NURBS
  • LOD Rendering for terrains
  • Bon Jour
  • Device IP
  • BT Stack
  • Timer pause/resume
  • Apple Push Notification
  • Local Notification
  • OpenFeint for Android
  • Tinting
  • Access to bitmap data
  • Contact List (Address book)
  • Email attachments
  • Better XML parser
  • Give Carlos a raise
  • Live Wallpaper for Android
  • Camera objects overlay (video, camera)
  • Better Text Metrics
Created on Oct 19, 2011


  1. You have missed in my opinion the most important feature request:
    Native code support.

  2. I have only taken the current roadmap items, I'm afraid. I'll do another with a tweaked selection if this proves popular enough.