Thursday, November 10, 2011

iOS 5 Accessibility Features For Everyone

Playing around under the Settings->General->Accessibility section and found some absolute gems - nice and useful for everyone...

  • General
    • Accessibility
      • Vision
        • Zoom
          Allows 3-finger zoom and pan of any screen, including the lock screen. Controls work as expected.
          Good for when photo zoom doesn't quite do it for you or you need to check pixel-specific placement on a web page.
        • Speak Selection
          Separate from VoiceOver, this allows any selectable text - web pages and such - to be spoken. The usual popup menu gains a "Speak/Pause" item. Speech speed can also be adjusted.
          Good for when you just can't be bothered to read the page.
      • Hearing
        • Custom Vibrations
          When editing a contact this adds a 'Vibration' option immediately beneath the 'Ringtone' option. Vibrations come with 5 pre-set patterns and custom patterns can be very easily recorded, named and re-used.
          Good for when you need to know who is calling you without taking the phone out your pocket.
        • LED Flash for Alerts
          Simply flashes the camera flash LED when an alert, like an incoming call, occurs.
          Good for truly silent but noticeable alerts.
      • Physical & Motor
        • Triple-click Home
          Set this to 'Ask' and it will pop up a menu whenever the Home button is triple-pressed - even when locked.
          Good for easy access to some of the above options.
          From there you've got options to turn On/Off the:
          • VoiceOver
            Not the same as 'Speak Select' - reads anything tapped with a single tap.
          • Zoom
            See above.
          • White on Black
            Inverts the whole screen colour.

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