Monday, April 11, 2016

TextWrangler Document Drawer Next And Previous Navigation

If you are using Bare Bones' "little brother to BBEdit" app TextWrangler (also available on the Mac App Store) you might want to use the file drawer (CMD+0 to open on the left in version 5.0.2). It allows you to use one window to edit multiple files.

There is a really handy keyboard shortcut to switch between those files, making navigating between all your documents quick and easy:
  • CMD+Alt+[ for previous document and CMD+Alt+] for next document
The default setting, however, is to navigate from previous to next document in the order they have been opened. If you manually select a document with the mouse, the order is then switched to the order as opened, or loaded. This can be incredibly annoying as you really have no idea which document will be the 'next' document!

You can search all day long for a Preferences setting but you will not find it. It is not there.

Googling for answers on this can also be frustrating, though I have done the leg work for you and can reveal that the Mac's Terminal is to your rescue...
  • Simply type Terminal into Spotlight (CMD+space) and hit return 
  • Type: 
  • defaults write com.barebones.textwrangler SurfNextPreviousInDisplayOrder -bool YES 
  • Hit return and close Terminal
You should now find that TextWrangler navigates through your files in the order they are listed in the document drawer.



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