Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can't Connect To Local SQLEXPRESS

This started occurring the other day and I was confused as to why the local database would not let me connect via standard Windows Authentication.

The answer turned out to be simply that the database had not been started as a Windows Service. This was because the Log On account it was trying to use did not have appropriate permissions. Not having another machine to check the correct settings, I decided that in the Services snap-in (Start -> Run -> services.msc -> SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) & SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)) I went to the Log On tab, selected "Local System account", hit "Apply" and then "Start" under the General tab.

For those two services, on my machine at least, this got everything working again. I was only able to discover this solution after googling and ending up here:

I encountered the exact same error. My work around to get the server back up and running is as follows. This applies to both the engine and the agent. The bug in this patch didn't affect the other SQL related services.

I changed the service account from the normal one to one that is local administrator to the server (me).

I was then able to start the services.

I went into the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration tool and changed Database Engine -> Remote Connections to use Local connections only.

I restarted the engine service.

I then changed it back to using Local and remote connections Using TCP/IP only.

I restarted the engine service.

I then changed both services back to their normal service account and all is well.

I could not get the patch to apply under any circumstances or configuration that I tried and have given up on it in hopes that MS releases a new one for this real quick.

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