Monday, June 21, 2010

Prince Of Persia For iPhone And iPad Is Awesomely 8 Bit

Having run across the re-release of the original Prince Of Persia on the iPhone App Store (under Featured) I found that it can be sync'd across to the iPad and then uses a whole other set of higher resolution graphics - making it perfect for full size retro gaming.

One post I found, after search for the age old "can't pick up sword!!!" problem was this:
However, click the "Controls" option on the main menu shows that the "action" button is in fact anywhere on the screen, that isn't already one of the four Up, Down, Left or Right buttons.

Here's some visual goodness for you to rest your eyes on - and remember, the one PoP app works on both iPhone and iPad, with improved graphics on the iPad!...

Prince Of Persia on iPhone...

Prince Of Persia on iPad...

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