Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Browser Wars Rage On

Yep, a lot of people hate IE6. I do too, but I don't have to work with it - that's for front-enders, or the "UX team". For those who are interested, the current browser usage:

Scary, eh? It was only September 2007 that IE6 was knocked off the top spot , but it's still hanging strong in third place. Why? Well, there are a lot of opinions and statistics will only get you so far. My opinion being that too many people are comfortable with it and don't know what a Web Browser actually is. Sounds crazy, but I often run into people asking how to use (insert website name here) as a product, as if it's installed on their computer - totally unaware that it isn't. The most common assumption (in my experience) that web-based email is only available on the home computer.

The issue there is lack of understanding driven by interest. As time passes this will dissipate and the general awareness of internet-based, or cloud-based, technology improves.

Another favourite statistic of mine is screen resolutions. A lot of managers request and designers still work to 800x600. I do not understand this. At all. Everyone, for years now, has been obsessed with bigger and better: TV's, cars, monitors, memory, money, etc. But...

So lets cater to the majority people, it's not hard, in fact it's easier. And the next time I see a page design where the content you actually wanted only takes a 1/4 column and 1/3 height of the page I swear I'll throw the machine out the window.

For developers out there, here's a interesting statistic:

I'm a C#'er, so it's encouraging and depressing in equal measure for me!

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