Friday, March 27, 2009

PC Upgrade Update

So this morning I finally got around to installing the 2GB RAM to replace the two 512MB sticks in my DELL Vostro. Everything seems to be running fine, no problems booting back up and the Crucial memory scanner seems to be telling me the RAM is installed just fine. One problem, XP Pro is only showing 3.25GB in System Properties. It's ok, though, I knew this would happen as XP can only recognise 3-3.5GB.

This I might have to step up to Vista ... ulp.

[EDIT:30/02/2009] Prompted by an anonymous comment on this post, I felt it wise to expand on my endevours, or at least provide some more information. Anon is indeed correct that 32 bit OS's are limited (as far as Windows goes) in accessing RAM...

1 comment:

  1. 32 bit OS = 3.5Gb max, Vista or otherwise. The other 512Mb are used as addresses for system resources.