Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bill Hicks "Lost" Segment from Letterman

Well, I always mourned the fact that I didn't recognise Bill when he was on The Word, that I never got a chance to see him play or that I returned a CD, received by accident, to Amazon of his live show. Apparently, David Letterman regrets things too; And well he should, as this piece is truly amazing, though much will have been re-used elsewhere - Lettermen finally decided to show Bill's set from his controversially cut show in October, 1993.

I really have never had respect for Letterman, but this raises the bar, though I can never quite get rid of the creeping discomfort I always feel when I see him interview someone, as though his inate Americanism is half a step away from massive, embarressing faux par.

Check Bill's site out here:

Rest In Piece and fucking Rock On Bill.

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