Saturday, May 30, 2009

Google Wave - Developer Preview

At the latest Google IO conference Google announced their new Wave application, currently hosted on a sandboxed Google Apps for the (very) priveleged 4000 devs at IO. See the best Dev Conv video since the iPod launched here:
And, a bunch more links - the places I've been reading/watching -up on Wave...
I'm completely blown away by the Developer's Preview video on Youtube already - not even half way in - and I can imagine people connecting, editing, reviewing and mashing up conversations in all forms - web, mobile, tv, everywhere! It's so easy to picture someone picking up the Wave service from a blog page, news article page or (what will used-to-have-been) SMS and just deciding that because they can leave text, photos, videos (live and recorded), maps, snippets of anything etc, that they just begin considering it "the way I communicate with anyone who isn't just in front of me right now." Even if they are, it's easier to share photos or any media with those around you, without needing anything more than a wireless connection (forget bluetooth or even peer-to-peer wifi, etc) simply because adding people to your Wave gives them all the content you've got - along with your messages to them (both open and private!)

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